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Respect for the natural environment continues to be an important priority for all development decisions. The site includes sustainable stormwater management elements and wetland development. We voluntarily contributed both labor and financial support to a creek enhancement project on the fish-bearing stream adjacent to the site.


The path through the center of the community leads from the common house perimeter to the compost site and then the adjacent four acre city park. A beautifully constructed wooden bridge was built in the park as part of our development, spanning the creek to access the neighboring Rosewall business park which includes Saltwater Waldorf School.

The architecture of our duplexes and common house incorporates steep sloped roofs and wide overhangs, which are ideal for the West Coast climate. Generous covered porches in front and back enhance opportunities for multi-season connection with neighbors and the outdoors. Cement fiber hardiboard siding in a variety of natural colors complements the decorative cedar timber post and beam framing and cedar shake surfaces on the homes. Solid fir exterior doors and wood trim on windows further enhance the regional architecture.

Our duplexes are not symmetrical, but combinations of home sizes placed together with distinctive elements that define each side to create a variety of attractive combinations. The five home plans meet the diverse needs of owners. All homes have two bedrooms on the main level; others have from one to three additional bedrooms on the upper floor.


Although each family has their own private owned home, a unique aspect of cohousing is the sharing of common facilities and activities such as maintenance, meals and sometimes childcare. The common house is approximately 3500 square feet and includes a kitchen and dining area, two guest suites, a good-sized meeting/activity room, an enclosed lounge, a children’s playroom and a common laundry used by about half the households.




Cars are parked on the periphery of the property near the common house so people can enjoy the natural beauty, fresh air and quiet of the landscaping and children are safe to run and play. A ring road links the three neighborhoods and provides for emergency vehicle access.

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