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Our 600 square foot workshop building, located near the Common House, was built by our members, most of it over a fun filled barn-raising type weekend early in the construction phase of Creekside. The partially finished building was originally used as a construction office by our builder and after move-in, was finished inside to become a large woodworking room, a small paint finishing room and a separated arts and crafts room, complete with pottery kiln. Like the electrical buildings in each neighborhood, it has a green living roof and stays comfortable even on hot summer days.


Some of the extensive collection of woodworking machines and tools are community-owned while others are on loan from members. The shop is well equipped and has turned out all sorts of projects for the community and for homeowners, ranging from beautiful cedar gates for the garden areas, cabinets, shelves, wall beds and other furniture, even skateboards and surfboards.















Lots of small crafts and repairs emerge from this well-used place of refuge for those who find solace in the hum of machines and the smell of sawdust. The small craft and art room is full of color, a sanctuary for Creekside people seeking private space to create and play with paper, paint, glass and clay.

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